New Students and January Camp

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Our international students arrived from Malawi, Myanmar, India, PNG and Fiji with just a few days before our January camp started. After a day to enjoy the spectacular views at Camp Raglan, the students helped welcome 150+ kids from all sorts of backgrounds, cultures and family lives. As always, it was something of a cultural shock for them but they did incredibly well to blend in with all the children and other leaders.

Both weeks proved to be a little more like an autumn camp than a summer camp, with several days of rain and winds and others where the clouds sat so low you couldn’t see much further than the end of your nose. This didn’t stop children and leaders alike from having fun; nor did it stop God from doing an incredible work in the lives of many children.

I had the privilege of attending week two of camp where I was put where ever I was needed most at the time. It is a great thing to be able see kids from so many different angles. When serving meals nearly every kid no matter ethnicity, gender or background would say please, thank you or at the very least give you a shy and gentle smile – it would seem we haven’t lost the art of manners. Group Time with young boys is always an interesting activity especially if you feed them sugar before starting! But they love being able to share with you about their experiences and they love relating to the stories you share with them.

Tide Wars was an absolute hit this camp. So much so, trying to keep the kids out of the water was a difficult task; by the end of our time on the beach, we had many wet children, a few wet leaders but lots of smiles all around.
Although the whole camp is filled with life changing teaching and wonderful worship, Holy Night has become a particularly favourite night for everyone who attends camp. This camp was no different, as we saw God move in incredible ways, touching lives and healing hearts in a way no human could ever do. We are so thankful we serve such a great God, that when we allow Him to move in our lives it can change things dramatically for the better.

Camp ended with lots of very tired faces, but also massive smiles, full hearts and even full bellies. New friendships were made, old friendships rekindled and most importantly we all left knowing God had done His amazing work again.

Week One Camp Video – Watch Now | Week Two Camp Video – Watch Now

Author: Hayley Colling