Life Changers
Year 4 Part 2

Life Changers is a 12 week curriculum resource for 7-14 year olds

Topics include:
The Difficulties and Rewards of Putting God First
Being Different from Others

Sample Lesson – Ministry of Jesus


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Year 4 Part 2 Titles and Spiritual Themes

Session 13 – Ben Carson, Part 1
Putting God first; use of time
Session 14 – Ben Carson, Part 2
Overcoming anger and peer pressure
Session 15 – Jeremiah Speaks for God
Disobedience brings trouble
Session 16 – Daniel Tested
Being different from others
Session 17 – Daniel Rewarded
God rewards those who trust; the occult
Session 18 – The Fiery Furnace
Power of music; God’s protection
Session 19 – The Pride of Kings
Dangers of pride and alcohol
Session 20 – Daniel in the Lion’s Den
Standing firm against opposition
Session 21 – Angels at Work
Ministry of Angels
Session 22 – Loren Cunningham, Part 1
Serving God when young; guidance
Session 23 – Loren Cunningham, Part 2
Serving God in missions
Session 24 – Pedro
Overcoming the habit of lying


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