Life Changers
Year 2 Part 3

Life Changers is a 12 week curriculum resource for 7-14 year olds

Topics include:
God’s Word
God’s Plan

Sample Lesson – Ministry of Jesus


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Year 2 Part 3 Titles and Spiritual Themes

Session 25 – The Chief Who Gave Himself
The Gospel; Giving ourselves completely to God
Session 26 – God’s New Leader
Overcoming fear and discouragement; being filled with the Holy Spirit
Session 27 – Spying Out the Land
Follow God’s plan for our life; do not tell lies
Session 28 – The Battle of Jericho
God will help us break down the invisible walls in our life and win over sin
Session 29 – The Battle of Ai
God is holy; do not steal
Session 30 – Tarore’s Book, 1
The Power of God’s Word to change people; Christians do not need to fear death
Session 31 – Tarore’s Book, 2
Importance of reading God’s Word; forgiving instead of getting revenge or paying back evil for evil
Session 32 – The Bright Blue Bus
Being specific in prayer; God often supplies our needs through other Christians
Session 33 – Gideon Hears From God
Idolatry; not being a secret Christian; living for God at home in the small things
Session 34 – Gideon Works For God
God helps ‘nobodies’ to do great things for Him
Session 35 – Ruth, a Girl Who Made Right Choices
Following God by showing faithfulness and loving actions towards others
Session 36 – Ruth’s Reward
God will guide us and reward us as we show love for God by setting a good example in our work


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