Life Changers
Year 4 Part 3

Life Changers is a 12 week curriculum resource for 7-14 year olds

Topics include:
Dangers of Pride
Doing the Right Thing Despite Opposition
Courage to be Different

Sample Lesson – Ministry of Jesus


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Year 4 Part 3 Titles and Spiritual Themes

Session 25 – Esther beautiful on the inside
Inner beauty
Session 26 – Mordecai man of courage
Helpfulness: Doing right despite opposition
Session 27 – Esthers choice
God’s plan for us: Fasting
Session 28 – Haman’s Pride
Dangers of pride
Session 29 -Esther and the Jews are saved
God rewards: Praying for others
Session 30 – Rees Howells
Power of the Bible: Satan’s attacks against it
Session 31 – The battle for the Bible
Dangers of pride
Session 32 – RG Le Tourneau
Serving God in Business: Tithing
Session 33 – Paul’s conversion
Gospel:Courage to be different
Session 34 – Paul sent out by God
Freedon from hurt and anger
Session 35 – Paul at Berea and Ephesus
Holy Spirit: Bible Study: Dangers of occult
Session 36 – Paul’s last journey
Persecution for following God


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