Life Changers
Year 2 Part 1

Life Changers is a 12 week curriculum resource for 7-14 year olds

Topics include:
Working Well

Sample Lesson – Ministry of Jesus


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Year 2 Part 1 Titles and Spiritual Themes

Session 1 – Who Jesus Is
Gospel; discovering more about Jesus
Session 2 – Nicky Cruz, 1
We can have many problems but are still special
Session 3 – Nicky Cruz, 2
God can change people on the inside
Session 4 – Nicky Cruz, 3
God continues to change those in His family
Session 5 – From Noah to Jacob
Success depends on following God’s plans
Session 6 – Joseph’s Unhappy Home
Jealousy, quarrelling and getting even bring unhappiness
Session 7 – Joseph Sold By His Brothers
Working well by finishing jobs we are given
Session 8 – Joseph the Trusted Servant
Working well brings God’s blessing
Session 9 – Joseph the Prisoner
God comforts when things seem to go wrong
Session 10 – Joseph the Prime Minister
Showing love to God by helping others
Session 11 – Joseph Forgives His Brothers
God works things out right when we trust Him
Session 12 – Giving to God
Giving willingly to God by tithing


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