Merry Go Round


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Ages 2-7
Using imaginative music, clear lyrics and sound effects which appeal to children, these songs focus on enhancing fine motor skills, spatial awareness, imagination, co-ordination, basic maths, concepts beyond sequential counting, vocabulary and learning through fun. Tracks include
1 Carnival Rides
2 Going Surfing
3 Come to Our BBQ
4 Gone Fishing
5 Excavator
6 Picnic with Teddy
7 Hula With Me
8 One Day a Hand Went Walking
9 Donuts
10 Throwing and Catching
11 Draw on My Back
12 Flat Tyre
13 Wind the Bobbin Up
14 Underneath
15 Sockathon
16 Everyday of the Week
17 Spots and Stripes
18 Put On Your Glasses
19 Cellphone Numbers
20 Off to the Moon
21 Healthy Food
22 Kiwi Bird


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