Crocodile on the River Nile


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Ages 2-7
Using imaginative music, clear lyrics and sound effects which appeal to children, these songs focus on enhancing fine motor skills, spatial awareness, imagination, co-ordination, basic maths, concepts beyond sequential counting, vocabulary and learning through fun. Tracks include
1 Body Song
2 Stomp Goes Goliath
3 I Like to Pray
4 Happy Builder
5 Jump and Hop
6 Fuzzy Caterpillar
7 Baby Moses on the River Nile
8 Jesus Loves the Little Ones
9 God Made Everything
10 Butterfly Friends
11 Joseph’s Coat
12 Michaela’s Lullaby
13 Easter Rhyme
14 Hot Cross Buns
15 Zaccheus Climbs a Tree
16 Zaccheus Action Rhyme
17 Greedy Monkey
18 Gentle Hands
19 John the Baptist Finds Honey
20 Wonderful Things
21 Precious Star with Te Reo Maori
22 David the Shepherd Boy
23 Walk Away Rap


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