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Ages 2-7
This CD aims to develop young children through fun music, and to facilitate teachers and parents; songs using ribbons, lycra, instruments, bubbles, bean bags, counting, math concepts, movement, left and right brain development, co-ordination and role play. It encourages “letting go”, sharing, self-esteem, work ethic and pointing one to one. Children learn to follow instructions while developing a love for music and movement. Tracks include:
1 Choppa Choppa Helicopter
2 Ribbon Song
3 Digger Driver
4 Noah’s Ark
5 Photo of You
6 Pass the Bean Bag On
7 Five Sticky Lollipops
8 Five Drippy Iceblocks
9 Steam Train Ride
10 Stomping in Puddles
11 Twinkle Sing and Play
12 Blowing Bubbles Rythmn
13 I Can Count Backwards
14 Johnny Finger Rhyme
15 Greedy Monkey
16 Three Little Firemen
17 Me and My Truck
18 Our Lovely Lycra
19 Jungle Dance
20 Boogie (free dance music)
21 Good Morning to You
22 Happy Birthday to You


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