Study Bible For Kids


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This Bible has been created and designed especially for you! There are more than 850 inspiring features to help make Bible study easy and fun. The articles are spread throughout the colorful Bible pages, allowing you to experience the big picture of the incredible story of God’s love for you!


  • Complete text of the New King James Version translation
  • MORE THAN 850 features woven throughout the Bible text
  • Behind the Scenes:
  • Bible book introductions including author, dates, key passages, highlights, and more
  • Sportlight: God’s big plan – how He worked in Bible times and how He works today
  • Action!: Relate to and understand many of the same issues and emotions that Bible characters encountered
  • Epic Ideas: Key articles give kids information about must-know topics and important themes to live the Christian life
  • Starring Roles: Biographies of key people in the Bible
  • In Focus: Highlighted words with easy-to-understand definitions
  • On Location: Colorful maps to help find Bible locations and events
  • Dicionary/Concordance: Navigate through words and terms of the Bible
  • Articles Index: A great study help and locator for articles within the Bible text
  • Quick Reference: Book chapter and verse fan-tabs
  • Giftable: Presentation page



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