Keystone Stables #06 Blue Ribbon Champ

A blue-ribbon horse and a boy with Down syndrome teach Skye the meaning of love.

If you love horses, you”ll love Keystone Stables! These books are filled with horse adventures. Better yet, each book includes twenty pages of information on the animal you love best.


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Joey Klingerman is one of the most loving kids you could ever meet, but Skye would welcome a lot less of his affection. This is Joey’s second summer at Keystone Stables, and the outgoing boy has latched onto Skye as his “girlfriend.” Skye finds his attention embarrassing and frustrating.
To add to the frustration, Joey won’t stop pestering Skye to let him ride her horse, Champ. Skye won’t even consider it. No one rides Champ but her.
What does God want her to learn about loving others – including Joey? With the Snyder County Horse Show drawing near, Skye is about to find out.


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