Christian Heritage of Aotearoa NZ


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After months of research, consultation and review by outside sources, this book is finally being published.
We believe that there is a real need in our society for a balanced view of New Zealand’s history, including Christian and Maori perspectives.
This will help us and our young people to understand our Christian heritage, and the source of problems that have arisen over many years, which have deeply affected our tangata whenua.

This soft cover book with 8 chapters, is well-illustrated and covers the following:

  1. Before and after the Treaty
  2. Ngakuku, Tarore and the Power of God’s Word
  3. Octavius Hadfield
  4. Peacemakers
  5. The New Zealand Land Wars
  6. The Battle of Gate Pa
  7. The Journey Towards Reform and Reconciliation
  8. What the Bible Says

Published and Copyright 2020 By Educational Aid Services (CBM) ISBN 978-0-473-54938-1


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