Veggie Tales
The Ultimate Silly Song Countdown


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Hilariously hosted by The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything, everyone’s favorite motivationally-challenged seafarers, The Ultimate Silly Song Countdownanswers the questions on every Silly Song fan’s lips: &#34What is the silliest Silly Song of all time? &#34

Yes, &#34Silly Songs with Larry&#34 have been cracking up VeggieTales fans for years now, but which song is the crème de la silly – the pièce de résistance of silliness?

Is it &#34The Hairbrush Song?&#34 &#34The Cheeseburger Song?&#34 &#34I Love My Lips?&#34 We just don’t know!!! But after collecting votes from VeggieTales fans everywhere, The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything are FINALLY ready to solve this mystery once and for all!

In their quest to resolve this colossal quandary, the Pirates (AKA Larry the Cucumber, Pa Grace and Mr Lunt) have pulled out all the stops. They’ve even traded in their hammocks, chaise lounges and snooze buttons for a fully automated &#34Astonishing Contraption of Silliness!&#34 which will tabulate your votes.

Join the Pirates in this rollicking musical countdown of the ten silliest Silly Songs of all time! (And don’t worry, the Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything will be back in full easy chair recline mode in no time at all!)


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