Veggie Tales
God Loves You Very Much


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There’s No Love Like God’s Love!
The Vegie Kids have a question for Larry – how can we know that God loves us? In a colorful tale told with story and song, Larry paints a picture of how much God loves us all – even when &#34we dirty up our clothes, or forget to blow our nose, or don’t listen to our Dads!&#34

Rack, Shack and Benny
Chocolate Factory president Nebby K Nezzer announces that his workers may eat as many bunnies as they like! But Rack, Shack and Benny (Bod, Larry & Junior) remember that their parents taught them not to eat too much candy. Can the boys do what’s right even when all their friends are doing something else? They learn that God loves them so much, He will never leave them, even in the face of a million chocolate bunnies!
Gideon: Tuba Warior
Gideon (Larry the Cucumber) is carefully chosen to defend his people against an undeafeated army of over 30,000 excessively hairy pickles! But when Gideon’s sizeable army is reduced to a mere six carrots and six peas, will he be able to overcome the giant army? Based on the legendary Bible story, Gideon:Tuba Warriorteaches kids a lesson about trusting in God.
The Ballad of Little Joe
Meet Little Joe (played by Larry the Cucumber) and his rootin’ tootin’ French pea brothers on an adventure that will take them from an abandoned mineshaft all the way to Dodge Ball City – with Little Joe’s faith being tested every step of tthe way! Joe realises God’s love when he discovers that God has a plan for him – just like He does for each of us!


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