The Shiloh Trilogy


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The story of a boy who risks everything to save his best friend.

When young Marty finds a runaway, nameless beagle, the pair become fast friends. Marty instantly wants to adopt the pooch, whom he christens Shiloh. But unfortunately, the pup already has an owner, a very cruel hunter named Judd. When Shiloh flees from his brutish owner again, Marty decides to hide the canine from Judd.

Shiloh 2
The big-hearted little beagle and his resourceful master return in Shiloh 2, the second movie in the triology. Marty has run-ins with a neighbour who mistreats his dog, putting him on a problem-filled path called growing up. Marty’s caring father and genieal Doc Wallace help him confront his troubles responsibly. But Shiloh teaches Marty best – by heroically saving the life of the man who mistreated him.

Saving Shiloh
Shiloh is back in an all-new adventure for the whole family. Where Marty goes, his dog Shiloh usually follows. There’s just one place the brave little beagle refuses to go: the bridge leading to the home of Judd Travers, who once mistreated him. But in a series of unexpected adventures, Marty and Shiloh learn how sometimes people like Judd can change for the better.


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