T J and the Time Stumblers


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TJ Finkelstein is just trying to fit into life at Malibu Junior High. Which means minor little problems, like

  • The school’s quirkiest kid trying to prove she’s a space alien
  • The school’s most popular girl trying to destroy her
  • Oh yeah, and constantly running into pesky pirates (and their talking parrot) courtesy of two goofball boys from the 23rd century!Herby and Tuna are still stuck back in time, where they’re studying TJ for a class project. The bad news is they’ve decided to help TJ with her latest book report. And as always, their &#34help&#34 only leads to more mayhem and plenty of side-splitting laughter.

    Join this unlikely trio as they stumble into one hilarious catastrophe after another…while accidently learning the importance of such core values as love, honesty, patience and kindness.


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