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1. Jesus is the Giver
2. Mighty is our God
3. AwesomeGod
4. Jesus is a Friend of Mine
5. The Children’s Saviour
6. Happiness is Knowing
7. Jesus is the Good Shepherd
8. It is Good
9. I Can Talk to God
10. My God is So Big
11. E’s for Easter
12. Jesus Loves the Little Children
13. OBEY
14. This is the Day
15. If You’re Black or if You’re White
16. Great Big Wonderful God
17. Love,Love,Love
18. God is So Good
19. He’s Able
20. The Blossom & The Tree
21. No Mountain High Enough
22. Did You Ever Talk to God Above
23. God Knows About Everything
24. Bigger Than Any Mountain
25. Ah Lord God
26. Alpha and Omega


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