Poko The Pukeko


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Large A4 size pages, beautifully illustrated Conservation story: Great for reading to 5-7 olds and interesting writing style for children to read themselves aged 8-9.

The birds of the forest are conferring. It has come to their attention that many animals are struggling to survive. Can something be done to help create a better and safer environment for these New Zealand native animals?

Poko Pukeko goes on a journey to investigate why the animals are finding it difficult to survive. But even if Poko Pukeko were to get to the bottom of the problem, would the bird council be able to help the animals?

Poke the Pukeko tells the tale of Poko, a pukeko with a heart for others and willingness to do good. In the story ‘Poke the Pukeko’, readers learn practical tips for better animal conservation; the value and power of prayer; that God uses His wiling servants to accomplish His goals; and that even the youngest of readers can make a difference in this work and for His Kingdom.


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