One Year MAKE IT Stick Devotions
Dr Emmett Cooper


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The One Year Do-able Devotions. Start any day the One Year way. Your child can just pick up this book and start on today’s date. Kids can learn about God and what’s really important, a little bit each day and experience firsthand how to connect with God.

When God made the promise to never again flood the earth, He reinforced His promise with an object we would recognize – a rainbow. Anytime we see a rainbow, we remember God’s promise.

The One Year Make-it-Stick Devotions pair objects (called “Click-ers”) that kids see or think about every day with stick-to-your-heart devotions, giving kids a concrete reminder of God’s Word. When children see a flashlight, a penny, or a speed-limit sign, it brings to mind God’s teaching. No more “in one ear and out the other” or confused looks at tougher teaching. The kid-tested Make-it-Stick Devotions really, really work…because they make God’s Word really, really stick.


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