Keystone Stables #07 Whispering Hope

A wild horse and an angry young woman. Is there a secret to taming them both?

If you love horses, you”ll love Keystone Stables! These books are filled with horse adventures. Better yet, each book includes twenty pages of information on the animal you love best.


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Wanda Stallord is a wild, nasty handful when she first comes to Keystone Stables, and Skye is put off by the teenager’s grungy clothes and thirst for trouble. The former gang member is a lot like Keystone’s other recent arrival, a beautiful but uncontrollable Mustang called Rebel.
Skye wants to help Wanda, but she seems interested only in shooting pool and handing out insults. But as she practises the gentle art of horse whispering with Rebel, Skye discovers a key that just might open up Wanda’s fearful, lonely heart to the healing power of God’s love.


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