Keystone Stables #02 On the Victory Trail

Sooze’s greatest victory is more than a prize at the horse show.

If you love horses, you”ll love Keystone Stables! These books are filled with horse adventures. Better yet, each book includes twenty pages of information on the animal you love best.


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Sooze Bodmer is Skye’s best friend. She’s also one of the biggest troublemakers at school, so it’s no surprise that she winds up joining Skye at Keystone Stables. With its champion horses, Keystone is unlike any other foster home. But Sooze is unlike anyone Keystone has ever seen.
Even meeting a horse named Stormy can’t seem to keep Sooze out of trouble. One thing can though – something no one expects. Skye’s newfound faith in Christ will stand its first, greatest test as tragedy strikes her friend. But, as Skye is about to discover, God can work miracles even in the toughest circumstances.


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