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This [email protected] pack includes:-

  • Leader’s notes
  • Bible talks with visual and other aids
  • A Christmas mini-musical drama script
  • Production guidelines
  • Photocopiable masters
  • Craft ideas including ideas for props, costumes, backdrops and sets
  • Four Christmas songs recorded on the CD
  • OHT masters of song words and sheet music
  • OHT picture mastersAims
  • To present the Bible as one book with one overall theme – the person and saving work of Jesus Christ.
  • To have great fun celebrating the birth of Jesus in a mini-musical production.Bible time 1
    God planned to send Jesus right from the beginning of the world. Jesus is promised in the very first book of the Bible. Genesis 3
    Bible time 2
    Jesus is like the Passover Lamb in the book of Exodus. His blood can save us from the power of sin and from its punishment – death. Exodus 12.
    Bible time 3
    Jesus can save us from sin for all time. We need no other Saviour. Judges 2:10-23
    Bible time 4
    When Jesus rescued us, He did it at great cost to Himself. It shows how much He loves us. Isaiah 53:2-9; Micah 5:2; Zechariah 9:9
    Bible Time 5
    God was faithful in sending the Saviour He had promised for so long. Luke 1:26-38, 46-55.
    Bible Time 6
    Jesus is coming back and each of us needs to be ready for Him. Revelation 22


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