4 – My Mission From God
Discipleship Training Series


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My Mission From God

God has given us an exciting mission to fulfil. We have a job to do as His representatives on planet Earth. These nine sutdies explore the two great ministries God gives to each disciple:
* To be a ‘witness’ who brings others to follow Jesus
* To be a ‘steward’, a wise manager, of God’s valuable ministry resources.

Discipleship is not just a series of Bible studies. It is a lifetime of learning how to be totally committed to Jesus in every area of your life.
Discipleship Training isn’t just a matter of ‘going through a course’. Your main training as a disciple will be through the learning relationship that you have with your trainer.
Everything in this course will need to be put into practice in your life.
The aim of this training is to help you grow as a disciple so that you will be better equipped to ‘go and make disciples’.


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